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Antti Kapanen

Thanks for viewing my profile on iversity! My name is Antti Kapanen. A Finnish native, I have lived in Berlin for well over 10 years now.

Since 2007, I have managed and developed a postgraduate degree programme, the Master of Business Administration and Engineering, at the HTW Berlin. The programme is an opportunity mainly for engineers to gain an industrial management degree with interesting specialisations in automotive management, interdisciplinary management and lean management.

Our programme is taught in English and has a very international enrolment. So far, we have had students from close to 50 countries all over the world! The time has been a great opportunity for me to learn about other cultures - and to think long days about how to offer the most useful education possible to such a diverse audience.

In order to effectively help our students and graduates succeed, I have made employability into the centrepoint of my recent research work. In the Employability Skills MOOC, which is available since 2015 and continues to develop, you will gain an introduction into several areas of skills and knowledge you will benefit of when starting your career in Germany - or elsewhere.